Our Philosophy

01. Our philosophy is: healthy skin is beautiful skin. That’s it. That’s our whole philosophy.

02. Atopis® is “powered from within” by The Myrecil® Ingredient. Myrecil works with your body’s in-built cellular defence and renewal systems, resetting your skin so it can renew and restore itself. This is the true source of lasting skin health.

03. Scientists must be really bad at marketing. Because we designed Atopis so you need less — fewer products, smaller quantities — to get amazing results.

04. Our sustainability philosophy goes beyond just our fully recyclable packaging. Your skin’s health needs to be sustainable too. That’s why we don’t follow beauty fads, or “quick fixes” that do more harm than good.

05. There’s a whole list of nasty things some skincare companies do, like putting in solvents or artificial fillers, testing on animals, or sourcing ingredients unethically. We refuse to do any of these things.

06. Because your skin’s health matters, we are the only New Zealand skincare brand manufactured to pharmaceutical/GMP standards, rather than just cosmetic manufacturing standards.

07. All Atopis and AtopisMed® products are not just made in New Zealand, they are invented here too. Maybe that’s why they’re so different.

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