Here at Atopis we take sustainability seriously.

All of our packaging is either sugarcane plastic, recycled plastic or glass. All are recyclable, please recycle.

Recycled plastic packaging helps reduce the use of virgin plastic across our bottles and pumps. Sugarcane plastic is a renewable, recyclable and carbon-free source. Sugarcane actually absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere like trees do, making it a much earth-friendlier alternative to fossil fuel-based polymers.

All of our ingredients are traced back to source to ensure fair trade, no contamination and sustainable harvesting. We test every ingredient to ensure no contamination.

We use biodegradable courier bags that you can compost at home. Here’s a handy tip: simply put your courier bags in the sun to speed up the composting process.

Last but not least, our beautiful skincare boxes are manufactured by a PEFC accredited company. Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) means that the board used for our packaging comes from a sustainable source, and there is a chain of custody tracking the board from the forest right down to the end product.

Atopis packaging is fully recyclable. Please can you recycle by dismantling and fully rinsing your empty containers.

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