True stories

For seven years now Dr Weir’s breakthrough skin health system has been helping people. Read some of their stories below.

Janine and Izzy’s Story

“Research is important to me so I’m always on the lookout for good science-based products that are as clean and natural as possible. I was very happy when I found Atopis online a few years ago.

I think I’ve tried everything in the Atopis range now, and to be honest I find it just works!

The Intensive Restore range has been amazing for me, and my daughter Izzy loves Radiant Balance. I’ve also recommended Atopis to family members and have seen great results with rosacea and acne.”

– Janine and Izzy

Michelle B.’s story

“I’m so glad I discovered Atopis as it has truly improved my skin’s condition. I’ve been using their Radiant Balance Cream since it launched and love how it calms sensitive skin and reduces redness, giving that ’Atopis glow.’ I love that Atopis deliver natural, high performing skincare products made in Aotearoa New Zealand that really work!”

– Michelle B.

Biyuth and Luca M.'s story

“When I first discovered Atopis my skin was in a terrible state with a major breakout of adult acne from the stress of running my own business.  Then I saw someone on social media talking about Atopis clearing up their acne.  I was inspired to try it for myself.

I started with the Hormonal Skin Pack and my skin cleared up within a few weeks. That was in 2019, I’ve used Atopis ever since!

My son Luca had similar issues, and now all three of my boys use Atopis to keep their skin healthy and clear. Atopis doesn’t just help acne get better,  it keeps breakouts from appearing in the first place!”

– Biyuth and Luca M.

Angela G.’s story

“I wanted a carefully researched skin product for my skin, without toxins or chemicals. Atopis is patented science, and the ingredients are all natural botanicals with no artificial additives.

“As I have dry skin, I started using the Intensive Restore system. I immediately noticed the difference – even my beauty therapist remarked on it. Soon my daughters were using the Radiant Balance system for their hormonal skin. Even my husband started using Atopis for his Rosacea and it got so much better.

“I now recommend Atopis to everyone and I am very much a fan!”

– Angela G.

Pam W.’s story

“I used to wear lots of makeup to cover my sun-damaged skin – which only created more problems.

“Then I saw Dr Iona Weir on TV, so I checked Atopis out and placed my first order. Now it’s a way of life!  I use the Intensive Restore system and Dietary Supplement.  Now people ask me if I’m wearing makeup and I say ‘No!’

“My three daughters all use Atopis too because it really helps their skin, whether it’s oily with acne or dry with dermatitis. I basically tell everyone I meet with skin issues to try Atopis.”

Pam W

Ellie G.’s story

“Atopis was recommended during a conversation about the frustrations of sensitive and hormonal skin in your 40s! I’d tried everything, including prescriptions for rosacea, and nothing really worked. I started using the Radiant Balance system and my skin seemed grateful immediately! I now keep the AtopisMed Acne Prone Skin Gel handy for my teenage daughters.

“I have been using the Atopis range – and only the Atopis range – for years and my skin feels calm, refreshed and hydrated. I don’t trust any other products now – I have complete confidence that Atopis is taking the best possible care of me.”

– Ellie G.

Sarah and Theia L.’s story

“I work in healthcare and unfortunately the constant hand washing caused my dermatitis. Using AtopisMed Dry Itchy Relief Cream really helps as well as providing a barrier around the skin to help prevent my skin from splitting or cracking.

“Then my baby daughter Theia developed Eczema around her cheeks when she was only a few months old. Steroids didn’t help, so we used Dry Itchy for this too. Her eczema has been under control ever since.”

“AtopisMed works almost immediately as we see changes in our skin and signs of healing after 24hours. It’s such a relief!”

Sarah L.

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