Fighting Cellular Ageing with Pine Bark

Pinus Radiata or pine bark is a powerful antioxidant that heals and repairs sun-damaged skin and fades age spots.

Antioxidants are critical in neutralising free radicals to prevent cellular damage. They’re also potent anti-inflammatories, helping to reduce redness associated with eczema, rosacea and sunburn.

Free radicals (including UV, pollution, smoking, excess sugar in diet and stress) are a major contributor to premature skin ageing as they nick DNA, they impair mitochondrial cellular respiration and they induce inflammation due to the release of nitric oxide. When free radicals are in excess they cause skin cell damage, wrinkles and age spots – additionally they’re associated with rosacea, acne, lupus and psoriasis.

New Zealand pine bark is a more potent plant extract than other plant flavonoid extracts because it has had to adapt to our ultra-intense UV exposure. Incredibly, the plant has developed enhanced UV bioactive components to protect its own DNA and mitochondria.

Atopis pine bark is even more powerful than the average pine bark extract. The pine bark that we gather is treated through our patented process to enhance all of its natural defence mechanisms, thus making it far more potent and effective on the skin.

Almost 30 years of scientific research has shown our proprietary plant compounds can actually protect your skin cells against UV, pollutant and DNA damage, oxidative stress, inflammation and even promote wound healing. We have demonstrated using in-vitro lab testing that the Atopis pine bark promotes optimal mitochondria respiration and free radical scavenging within skin cells.

Mitochondria are the energy source of our cells. Basically, they protect our cells from incurring damage and re-energize them. If the mitochondria become tired, your skin gets tired. Skin appears lifeless, cell renewal slows down, and your skin doesn’t refresh itself as it naturally should. When your cell mitochondria are working optimally, your skin promotes a healthy glow.

We recommend you always use sun protection, and add antioxidants to your diet and skincare for optimal skin health.

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