10 things to know about Atopis Face Oils

If you’ve already purchased a new Atopis Face Oil, or if you’re thinking of trying one for the first time, have a read of over our 10 top FAQs in the notes below.

Why should I use a face oil?

You get to control your skin’s hydration! Atopis Face Oils contain ultra-nourishing and hydrating ingredients like Rosehip Oil, Manuka Oil, Mamaku Gel and soothing Cucumber Oil, which will help to restore and rebalance the natural oil ratio in your skin for a brighter, dewier complexion. They’re designed to be used in synergy with Atopis night creams to plump, firm and moisturize dry, tired skin.

What’s the difference between the two new Atopis face oils?

Our Intensive Renewal Face Oil is packed with natural anti-ageing ingredients for mature skin that’s dry or lack-lustre and in desperate need of an extra moisture boost. Our Radiance Enhancing Face Oil is developed for skin that’s prone to acne, rosacea, redness or sensitivity and will help to calm and balance the skin, while also softening out acne scars and stubborn blemishes.

What makes the oils different to other beauty oils?

All of the botanical ingredients in these oils are scientifically tested, perfected and proven efficacious. Beginning with a base of pure Rosehip oil, we have added high concentrations of the highest quality ingredients available, to deliver noticeable skin results. We never use cheap fillers like some other face oils do – only stacks of nutrient-rich oils and pure, potent goodness.

Do you still sell the Rosehip Renewal Face Oil?

No. What we’ve done is taken the former Atopis Rosehip Renewal Face Oil, amplified the ingredients, then tailored them specifically to two different skin types.

Where does my face oil fit in my skincare routine?

Think of your face oil as extra moisture that you can dial up or down. For best results, cleanse and tone skin then massage a few drops of oil into your face before applying your Atopis night cream. Winter skin might need three drops of oil; summer skin might only need two – you choose what feels right for your skin. If using your oil in the morning, apply it after cleansing and toning, then pop your SPF over the top. You can even try mixing your oil and cream together in the palm of your hand before applying it to your face.

Can I apply it underneath makeup?

Yes, the oils are designed to melt beautifully into your skin so you can wear them during the day under makeup. We recommend giving your skin a few moments to soak up the goodness before applying your makeup.

I have sensitive skin. Are there any ingredients in the oils that I might react to?

Sensitive skin is generally caused by an imbalance in the skin microbiome not a reaction to ingredients, as is often perceived. We have very carefully selected each high quality ingredient in our face oils to ensure they’re perfect for sensitive skin types, they’re synergistic and efficacious.

I have acne and oily skin. Will the oil clog my pores?

No. These oils are non-comedogenic and designed to help rebalance your skin’s oil ratio so your sebum glands don’t kick into overdrive. If you’re prone to acne, the Radiance Enhancing Oil will be a beautiful addition to your skincare routine.

How much should I use each time?

We recommend 1-2 drops each use, but there’s really no limit. If you have really dry skin, you might need a little more. The beauty with oils is that you’re in control.

What’s the aroma of the oils?

That heavenly scent is luxurious Rosa Damascena Flower Oil (also known as Damask rose) with a hint of precious Frankincense oil.