The ceramides secret

Have you ever wondered why babies have that perfectly soft, gorgeous skin? It’s a result of the naturally occurring waxy biofilm called vernix that covers their skin in the last trimester. It’s the rich fatty acids contained within ceramides in vernix that make it oh so amazing.

Ceramides form the structure or ‘scaffolding’ of our skin and give it moisture and softness. Over time, and with repeated sun exposure, we naturally lose ceramides in our skin, and this in turn leads to loss of firmness and suppleness. Thankfully, we can boost our natural ceramide levels and increase skin moisture content through our skincare.

Below we’ve shared more on why your skin loves and needs ceramides.


Firm, supple skin at any age or stage


Ceramides are a key player in the makeup of our skin. Along with hyaluronic acid and collagen, they form our skin’s 3D matrix. In fact, ceramides actually make up to 50% of the skin’s composition, forming the natural skin barrier. Clearly a vital component!

Atopis’ new night creams contain the highest quality ceramides available, the same quality as other popular, high-end ceramide ‘capsules’ on the market. But instead of encapsulating our ceramides artificially, we use nature and our unique technology to incorporate and protect the ceramides directly within our night creams.

Our patented cellular delivery tech uses sphingolipids, which essentially protect the ceramides and help them to penetrate the lipid membrane to work optimally at a cellular level. Put simply, our wonder-working ceramides are able to be absorbed deeply into your skin for maximum benefit, leaving you with deliciously (and noticeably) softer, plumper skin.


Here are just a few reasons why your skin loves ceramides:


✓ Intensely hydrating, leaving skin feeling soft and supple.

✓ Boost your skin’s natural ceramide levels, which naturally deplete with age and sun damage.

✓ Absorb deeply into the skin to affect change at a cellular level.

✓ Restore your skin’s firmness and elasticity.

✓ Support a healthy skin barrier, to protect against environmental stresses.

✓ 100% cruelty-free – a no-brainer!