How To Naturally And Effectively Restore Menopausal Skin

One moment you’re enjoying a healthy and youthful complexion, the next minute, you’re breaking out in all manner of rashes, hormonal acne, dry patches, and skin coloring unevenness – distressing, to say the least.

Are you starting to notice the signs of aging? Our Atopis Intensive Restore Cream has been scientifically developed to hydrate, reduce wrinkles and restore skin using 100% natural ingredients.

How To Balance Menopausal Skin

“You don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone” rings particularly true when it comes to mature or menopausal skin.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. If there’s a time when a little TLC is needed, it’s now.

You can’t turn back the clock on your skin’s health – however, you can take care of the present, and start treating your skin with the utmost care from now on.

Learn How To Combat Aging Skin in this video below: 

Nourish your skin with natural products

Menopause causes many changes to your skin, meaning your current skincare routine may no longer meet its changing needs.

Most standard moisturizers are plain water-based and packed with tonnes of fillers, parabens, and alcoholic substances, which dry your sensitive maturing skin even further. This damages it and strips it of its unique microflora. Our article on Always Reading The Label investigates what a majority of beauty and skincare products contain, and what they do to your skin.

By making the switch to high-quality, all-natural products, these products will carry out the much-needed intricate repairs to your skin.

This includes; regenerating and reprogramming the epidermis at the cell, as well as at surface level, to give you the best skin possible for your stage of life.

However, keep in mind that all skincare products are not created equal. As with any scientific breakthrough, there are an increasing number of companies that claim that their products contain ‘all natural’ ingredients.

It’s important to remember that evidence of effectiveness and non-toxicity is very important before you part with your money and put them on your precious skin.

Think of how you’d treat a baby’s skin and what ingredients you would and wouldn’t use on it – that’s how you should treat your own skin.

The Science Of Maturing Skin: The Plant Phenomenon

From birth, our cells are programmed to die and be replaced – it’s how we grow.

But, once we hit menopause, the replacement of cells slows down, and the texture and quality of skin is no longer that of a younger person.

In the plant world, the phenomenon of programmed cell death is called Apoptosis. In my research, I discovered that, not only was the process in plants reversible, but it could also be manipulated and used in skincare for humans, particularly for the needs of menopausal skin conditions.

In my extensive study of New Zealand and Australia’s indigenous plants, I’ve identified and isolated four main natural substances that can be extracted to work together in synergy to reprogramme and repair human skin.

These substances can help repair skin that’s suffering from the effects of menopause, as well as other conditions such as acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema.

Working from within

First and foremost, we use unpasteurised coconut water – a plant’s equivalent of colostrum (milk produced by mammals during birth), with its rich combination of vitamins and minerals.

Then, we add peptides from biotic reactions of bacteria and insect components in New Zealand native plants, bound with lipids from coconut oil to form the patented Peptilipids™. These have the unique ability to penetrate skin-cell plasma membranes and work from within.

Then, there’s honeydew – a bioactive anti-microbial from beech trees in the Southern Alps of New Zealand – with similar properties to Manuka honey – created by the tree’s natural efforts to defend itself against microbial attack.

Next, bee pollen, which is gently handled using enzymes to destroy all allergens.

Finally, a special combination of selected essential oils: coconut oil, with its Myristic acid to modulate the immune system, protect and heal, and Myracetin for its anti-inflammatory properties, plus kiwifruit seed oil, canola, avocado oil, macadamia nut oil, sweet almond oil, safflower oil, camellia seed oil and jojoba seed oil.

Once extracted, these elements are all fused together to form the patented Myriphytase™ extract, incorporated in the Atopis™ skincare range, safe for everyday use, offering a unique solution to the trials and tribulations of menopausal skin conditions.

Key Ingredients

How We Can Help Restore Your Aging Skin 100% Naturally

Our Atopis Intensive Restore Cream utilizes these indigenous plant and essential oil extracts as ingredients to formulate a cream that naturally revitalizes your aging skin, restoring your healthy and youthful glow.

The natural ingredients in our product work together to:

1. Intensely hydrate – peptides, lipids, and antioxidants work at the cellular level to hydrate skin.

2. Repair skin – reduces redness from sun damage on face and decolletage and fades age spots, evening skin tone.

3. Plump skin & reduce wrinkles – stimulates collagen production to smooth out wrinkles and lines.

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