How to soothe eczema in babies and young children

What is Eczema?

Eczema – or Atopic Dermatitis – usually develops in children and babies, and more specifically in people who have a family history of eczema.

The main symptom is itchy rashes and sores in the folds of the elbows and knees but can spread to the rest of the body. Over-scratching the sores and rashes can cause them to break the skin and weep. This leads to infection, scarring and have a major effect on children’s health and wellbeing.

Searching for your child’s instant eczema relief? Atopis has developed a 100% natural and cruelty-free Dry Itchy Skin Cream that can be applied directly onto rashes and sores, to soothe, heal and reduce the irritation that comes along with eczema.

The Impact of Eczema

It’s a vicious cycle of itching and scratching, with heat, clothing and the related sleeping difficulties making the irritation even worse. Baby with eczema and parent

We’ve spoken to many adults who despair when they see their babies going through what they also suffered from as children.

One colleague remembers being put to bed as a child with mittens on to stop the scratching. Another has photos of herself as a baby wrapped up like an Egyptian mummy in crepe bandages after being covered from head to toe in purple skin-staining antiseptic mercurochrome.

Now a GP himself, another shows his prematurely elderly and scarred hands – ‘monkey hands’ he calls them. They are the result of excessive use of harsh steroid creams on his eczema.

Unfortunately, such discomfort and pain are all too common for babies and young children whose new skin is much thinner than adults.

Although one of the most beautiful natural countries, New Zealand also has one of the highest incidences of childhood eczema in the world – likely because of high allergy rates, low humidity, and a traditional lack of central heating.

These conditions are red flags for babies and children with Eczema as they can cause the irritation to become unbearable.


Identifying Triggers

Dr. Weir recommends parents look at eczema ‘triggers’ in your children’s lifestyle.

Some common environmental triggers include:

• Dairy – dairy foods are a common allergy in eczema sufferers

• Wool – coarse man-made fibers can cause irritation on the skin

• Soy – soy-based products can cause eczema symptoms to flare-up

• Dust – one of the most common triggers of allergies in eczema sufferers

It’s best to keep your baby’s skin regularly moisturized, ensure they drink plenty of water and fluids and try and keep hot baths or showers and overall water contact to the eczema-affected areas to a minimum.

Parents can often over-clean their children in hope to keep the sores safe from infection and help the rashes heal. Every person has their own unique skin microflora (balance of good and bad bacteria), which works in the same way as gut microflora, therefore it’s important to protect the balance of bacteria by not over-cleansing.

Many soaps and cleansers can completely wipe out all bacteria –  this can lead to skin conditions, including eczema, that arises from this imbalance.

Coping With Eczema Seasonally


Winter can be a tough time for babies and children with eczema, as the dry winter air combined with indoor heating can cause symptoms to aggressively flare-up.

Some ways to provide relief in Winter include:

Tepid baths – lukewarm baths provide some relief to the flaring symptoms,

• Relieving Creams – use eczema creams generously morning and night to keep skin moisturized

100 % cotton – natural fibers reduce the chance of fabrics irritating the sores and rashes even more

• Ventilation – keep the room well-ventilated and cooler as to not initiate symptom flare-ups



Summer can be just as hard for young eczema sufferers, as conditions can not only cause flare-ups, but there are more allergens present to trigger allergies.

Some ways to provide relief in Summer include:

Vitamin D – from the sun and sea-water swims in small doses can also help, but don’t overdo it

Don’t rub the skin – after swimming, only pat the skin dry and always use a clean towel.

• Keep weeping sores covered – with a light dressing if required, but air dry when you can to keep infections at bay.

• Cold showers & baths – when washing or showering after swimming/exercise, cold showers provide relief without the aggravation

How Atopis Dry Itchy Skin Cream Can Help Your Family

Atopis Dry Itchy Relief Cream is our answer to your child’s eczema symptoms, through working in synergy with their immune system so they stop reacting to allergens and environmental triggers.

Within weeks of use, this potent, all-natural skin-cream therapy reverses the cell damage, and hydrates and restores the skin so the itching stops and the healing begins.

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Atopis Dry Itchy Relief Cream is suitable for use by anyone, from new and hyper-sensitive skin of babies to young children – and even animals!

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