From Sun-Damage To Smooth Skin: Toni’s Skincare Journey

Could you please give us some background on your skin and the journey you’ve been through with it?  I grew up in the 60s. We lived at the beach during the summer and we didn’t know about sun screen back then. So like many others, my skin is sun damaged and I have solar keratosis, large brown patches on my cheeks and across my eyebrows. The patches over my eyebrow became scaley and flakey like dandruff of the skin! Eww!

How did you discover Atopis, and why did you decide to give it a go? I saw an ad for Atopis on my Facebook page and I liked the fact it was new and unconnected to the big pharmaceutical companies. I also like that it was made from natural products, I could read the list of ingredients and they weren’t from a periodic table!

What product do you use?  Anti-Aging cream

What was the length of time since you started using Atopis? I’ve been using the Anti-Aging-cream for a year.

What was your skincare routine like before? I don’t use a big range of make up products but my skin is very dry and my cupboard is full of skin creams that never quite made the grade. Some of them were very expensive and I never felt I got value for money. I’ve been using the Anti-Aging cream for over a year and just bought my fourth tub of cream.

Please describe how your skin was before Atopis and how it looks now. I don’t have before photos but I’m very happy with how the brown patches look, especially the ones above my eyebrows. They are still there; (you can’t reverse nearly 40 years of sun damage) however, the yucky, scaley, flakey skin has disappeared and the area feels softer, not like crocodile skin. As a side effect, I found any scratches and blemishes I got disappeared too. What really got my attention was a nasty looking yellow cyst on my lower eyelid. The doctor wouldn’t touch it because it was too close to the my eye. After a few weeks of using the Anti-Aging cream it completely disappeared. That was what finally sold me on Atopis products. The deal breaker!

What changes have you noticed since you started using Atopis? My skin keeps the moisturised feeling. I don’t reapply any cream in the evening the way I used to.

When did you start noticing your skin changing, and how has it changed since? After the first few weeks I noticed that my skin felt good all day. My skin just didn’t dry out.

How does your skin feel? I feel the difference as soon as I put it on after showering in the morning. It feels like I’ve given my skin a drink.

How do you feel about your skin now compared to before? It doesn’t feel dry at any time during the day and I live in Perth WA, a hot dry area where your lips crack because of the wind.

What is your current skincare routine? Shower in the morning and then I apply the Anti-Aging cream.

What advice would you give to someone who is at the beginning of their skincare journey? Cover up. Wear sun screen all four seasons is what the dermatologist told me.

What other comments do you have? I have never blogged my opinions on skin care products and I’m known to be a person who tells it like it is.


Do you have sun damaged skin?

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