MATURE SKIN? Why your regime may no longer work.

We may get wiser, but Dr. Iona Weir reveals why our tried and true skincare régime may no longer work as the years go by. 


We expect a lot from our skin.  We often mistreat it, yet expect it to bounce back and still look good as we age. Over the years, a combination of stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, dehydration, and environmental pollution, such as car fumes and UV rays from sun, phones and computers all take their toll.

So, if you’ve noticed a change in the quality and resilience of your skin, maybe it’s time to rethink your skincare régime. Caring for your skin is more than just applying moisture. As we age, the needs of our skin changes, and what used to work may not anymore.

Exfoliation Essentials

Regular but gentle exfoliation is essential as a starting point to get rid of the dead skin cells and toxins that build up on the skin’s delicate surface.

Not only do they make it difficult for moisturisers to do their job, but also cell renewal slows down as the years advance, so applying more and more cream won’t have the required effect.

In fact, smearing on the moisturiser could make things worse, leaving you looking tired instead of radiant.

Damage Limitation

Pollution and stress can trigger the skin’s outer layer, or epidermis, to go into defense mode to protect itself.

Extra layers of cells are created, thickening the skin in places.  Once again, usual moisturisers can no longer penetrate into the skin, and a lot more is used than is normally required but for less effect.

Hormonal Hell

Stress wreaks havoc with hormones, causing them to overreact and change, and skin bears the brunt of this.

To help combat this, take the time to relax.  Take a good antioxidant dietary supplement, and use a cream that contains potent and safe antioxidants.

As women grow older, our bodies produce less oestrogen and progesterone, resulting in slower cell renewal. Collagen is also lost, which results in the skin cells drying out, rather than having a healthy, youthful and plump appearance.

This means that it’s critical to use a cream that promotes cell renewal, and offers protection from damaging environmental effects.  Simply just moisturising is no longer enough.

With this in mind, I created a dedicated anti-aging cream for the Atopis range, which contains no parabens, no solvents, no artificial fragrances, and has been only clinically trialed on humans rather than animals.

I needed to create a treatment that offers the intense hydration that mature skin needs – retexturising and plumping the skin at the actual cellular level.  This helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

I say ‘actual’ because it saddens me to see multinational brands claiming their products work at the ‘cellular level’ without adequate evidence.  We have the clinical trial data to prove Atopis does exactly that.

After gentle exfoliation, the concentrated anti-aging cream can be applied to the face, neck and décolletage.

Better Absorption

When applying skincare, warm it in your hands first, then pat it gently onto the skin. This prevents dragging which can easily damage the epidermis and create wrinkles.

It also has the bonus effect of allowing the cream to be absorbed into the skin more effectively, so less is wasted.