We take sustainability seriously!

Over the past 30 years, Atopis founder and CEO Dr Iona Weir has worked as a scientist on a number of exciting conservation and sustainability initiatives, including the development of sustainable packaging solutions, and the remediation of toxic mining sites across various Oceanic countries. She’s also visited palm oil plantations in Indonesia and seen firsthand the environmental impact of palm oil production – which is why you’ll never find palm oil in our products!

Sustainability is a deep value of Atopis, and it’s inherent in all that we do. As a natural scientific-based skincare company we have a huge responsibility to protect and treasure our natural environment and to preserve it for our kids – and their kids.

Below we’ve shared some of the steps we’re taking to ensure the integrity of our skincare ingredients, and the sustainability of our business practices.


1. Sustainable packaging solutions


Our skincare tubes are made from 100% sugarcane plastic – a renewable, recyclable and carbon-free source. Sugarcane actually absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere like trees do, making it a much earth-friendlier alternative to fossil fuel-based polymers.

We’re also in the process of carrying out our own ‘in-house’ testing of recycled plastic packaging, and we plan to increase our use of recycled plastics once we’re certain that they meet our high standards of stability.

We use biodegradable courier bags that you can compost at home. Here’s a handy tip: simply put your courier bags in the sun to speed up the composting process.

Last but not least, we’ve strengthened the materials used to manufacture our beautiful skincare boxes so we don’t need to use as many when we’re sending out products to you!


2. Pure botanicals tracked to their source


We use only the highest quality natural ingredients – many of which are native to New Zealand and sourced locally on our back-door step (literally). Every ingredient that goes into Atopis skincare is grown sustainably and we work in partnership with local iwi (Māori) to ensure we protect our biologically unique native plant-life. We also use a special collection process that ensures there’s no wastage.


3. 100% natural and toxin-free – zero nasties!


When we say we’re natural, we really mean it. Atopis products are free from parabens, fillers, solvents, fragrance, silicone, SLS or synthetic chemicals that could harm your health or your skin. Because we have to meet stringent OTC (over-the-counter) FDA registrations in the USA, you can be sure (and have peace of mind) that every single ingredient meets these very high regulatory standards.


4. 100% cruelty-free skincare


We never, ever test on animals! Instead we use incredible, high-tech, 3D skin cell culture fluorescent imaging – which allows us to grow living skin in the lab and observe cellular changes – to test our Myrecil® technology and perfect our products before they reach your skin. For any ingredients that we source externally, we undertake rigorous research to make sure they meet our exacting cruelty-free standards!