Your skin loves Vitamin C!

With its super-charged antioxidant and collagen synthesis powers, Vitamin C really is a natural wonder-worker when it comes to your skin. It deeply hydrates, brightens and enhances skin texture – and perhaps most importantly, it addresses the visible effects of too much UV exposure (think pigmentation, dark spots and fine lines) and strengthens your skin’s natural defence mechanism by neutralizing free radicals.

In the notes below, we shared more on why we love Vitamin C – and why healthy, balanced, glowing skin does too!


Brighter, happier skin with Vitamin C!

Vitamin C is one of the superstar multi-actives in Atopis’ patented botanical ferment Myrecil®, which is contained in most Atopis creams. It’s also one of the skin-brightening staples in our new Atopis Radiant Balance Night Cream and Atopis Intensive Restore Night Cream.

Vitamin C comes in many different structural forms; the form that helps to erase those sun spots and reduce pigmentation is an unstable form. Atopis night creams contain this form of Vitamin C (the purest form there is!), so to protect its potency and to keep it stable until it comes in contact with your skin, we have used our novel technology to micro-encapsulate it into a liposome. This enhances its penetration into the skin cells and also enables us to combine it with the creams’ other active ingredients for powerful skin change.

With its powerful antioxidant properties, Vitamin C works with your skin’s natural biology to:

✓ Reverse skin cell damage by promoting collagen synthesis

✓ Lighten age spots and pigmentation caused by sun damage

✓ Replenish vital sources of Vitamin E – an important antioxidant

✓ Protect skin from oxidative stress (free-radical damage)

✓ Visibly improve skin elasticity and suppleness

✓ Hydrate and brighten skin for enhanced radiance!

Atopis’ unique approach to adding Vitamin C to our skincare protects the active ingredients from oxidation and light to maintain its integrity and allow it to absorb deeply into your skin cells in its purest, most effective form.

Go on – treat your skin to the ultra-brightening and protective benefits of nature’s gold, Vitamin C!