Your night cream questions answered

Our hard-working all-in-one night creams have been flying off the shelves and we’re loving all your feedback and questions.

From start to finish, these products have been scientifically designed, developed and tested to deeply repair, nourish, plump and firm your skin, restoring that youthful skin radiance you dream of.

If you’ve already purchased a night cream, or you’re thinking of trying one for the first time, have a read over our Frequently Asked Questions below to make sure you get the best results for your skin!


Q: Can I use my Atopis night cream during the day as well?
A: No. Atopis night creams are formulated with potent active ingredients that do their best work while you sleep and while your body is in repair-mode. Using them during the day-time will make your skin sun sensitive and the UV exposure will degrade the cream’s active ingredients. You may also find your makeup smudges with night cream underneath it.

Q: Which cream should I use?
A: If you’re using Atopis Radiant Balance cream during the day, then use Radiant Balance Night Cream at night, and follow the same principle with the Intensive Restore range. Radiant Balance is designed for younger skin (20s onwards) and is especially efficacious for skin that’s prone to rosacea or acne flare-ups. Atopis Intensive Restore Night Cream is designed for mature skin that needs a deeper dose of plumping power and cellular rejuvenation.

Q: How much should I use?
A: These creams are mega concentrated so you only need to apply a thin layer each use.

Q: Why does my night cream feel slightly runny?
A: Atopis night creams contain sphingolipids and phospholipids, which give them a serum-like textural quality and allow them to be deeply absorbed into your skin cells. This is where the magic happens! Our creams are also enriched with ceramides which are lipids (fats) and contribute to the cream’s slightly runny texture.

Q: Can I use the night creams with my other Atopis skincare?
A: Yes, they’re designed to work in synergy with other Atopis products. So if for example, you’re using our Rosehip Renewal Face Oil or Acne Prone Skin Cream, simply massage in your oil or cream first, then apply your night cream over the top. Remember to just use just a small amount of rosehip oil each time to prevent it from drying out your skin. And always remember to wear a SPF50+ sunscreen – even on cloudy days!

Q: Do the night creams contain retinol?
A: Yes! We’ve used the highest quality pure form of retinol in synergy with our patented ingredient Myrecil®. The two ingredients work together to enhance and strengthen each other – boosting collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and softening skin. They’re all-natural ingredients with no nasty side effects. These creams are very concentrated, so just use a thin layer each time.

Q: Will the night cream help with my pigmentation?
A: Yes! Atopis Night Creams contain the highest grade of German Vitamin C to help banish age spots, pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

They also contain seaweed gel (which gives them their gel-like feel), which helps to lock in vital moisture and powerfully hydrate ageing skin. We harvest the seaweed, extract the gel and combine it with ceramides and phospholipids to create a lipid gel matrix. Similar to aloe vera gel, seaweed gel has incredible healing properties, targeting skin in need of intense nourishment and repair 🍃 For normal skin this seaweed matrix gel is non-comedogenic and ensures your skin remains supple and hydrated.

Q: Do I need to use a serum as well as my Atopis night cream?
A: No! Just the one night cream is all you need. All of the big anti-ageing ingredients (think ceramides, Vitamin C, Myrecil® and hyaluronic acid) are combined in the one night cream for ultimate skin repair, hydration and rejuvenation at the cellular level.

Q: What’s the fragrance of Atopis night creams?
A: The lovely aroma you can smell is the combination of the creams’ natural ingredients. We haven’t used much natural fragrance (only a teeny, tiny amount) as the product itself has its own unique aroma.

Q: Can I use Atopis night creams during pregnancy?

A: Atopis Night Creams contain high quality retinol. Although there is no scientific evidence to date that shows that topical retinol is unsafe during pregnancy, we would urge you to err on the side of caution and use another Atopis product instead. Oral retinols are not considered safe during pregnancy.

Please note: The foundational ingredient Myrecil® in Atopis creams has been fully tested and proven safe in two clinical trials focused on safety and efficacy, and is considered safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.